Here’s a little bit more info on Polaroid Cloud.


A quick look at the setup of the Polaroid Cloud clip.

All the wires are removed in post frame-by-frame.

On our Polaroid shelf sat another Polaroid Supercolor 1000, that had to go all nude for the “struck-by-lightning” effect. And it was also fun to see how this little picture machines are built.

Of course the whole setup is a very “quick and dirty” approach, since this was a quick project on the side. Usually you mount everything tightly so animation because not only more convenient, but also more controllable, which effects the quality of the end result tremendously. 

But hey, you know, this was just for fun! :)

Starlight memories

Hey guys,

I just published a spacey personal project!

Please see all the pictures here: Starlight memories

"Starlight memories" - some thoughts


I thought some of you might appreciate my thoughts behind my personal project “Starlight memories”.

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It took me quite a while, but finally I managed to do another short Polaroid animation! Make sure to also check out some more info about the setup and please feel free to share, like and ask questions!

It’s summertime, so: Fight the clouds!


Fighting clouds with Polaroid!

Another fun short animation featuring a classic Polaroid Supercolor 1000 Deluxe (not kidding, that’s the name!).

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Or check out another Polaroid video:

Rather recently I founded Studio Flox, a production company for charming and fresh films for businesses, with companion Florian Haßler.

Stay tuned for more updates!

In the meantime


Short stopmotion animation exercise that brings a set of chess figures to life.

Designed and produced by Studio Flox (

Music by broke for free (

It took quite some time (after all it’s my first electronics project, I started with z-e-r-o knowledge about this), but finally I’ve finished my diy motion control box for Dragonframe.

Inside is a Chipkit Uno32 with 2 big easy drivers. All in a nice and handy box. 

Now I can control step motors via Dragonframe’s interface conveniently, with a quick setup up time. I’ve also designed a motor holder for my skater dolly and am finishing up the design of a focus motor unit.

So what’s it for?

Step motors help to achieve controlled and repeatable moves of camera and/or objects in a stop motion project.

Gear certainly does not make a good film, but it helps achieving a professional and nice looking result. Hopefully I can show you some of those in the near future 

Great polaroid news!

The impossible project recently announced the development of three products

  • an instant lab
  • a pinhole camera
  • a viewfinder camera
All products will use the very same film processing unit (FPU) as a basis, I love modular systems (and of course immediately backed their kickstarter campaign!!

For me the greatest news is this:
As you might remember I wrote my post greener polaroid about my approach of modifying a camera to be powered by a rechargeable battery (rather than the batteries in the film pack).
With the FPU also being powered by an external battery, this means TIP (the impossible project) will be producing film packs with no battery (maybe with a price decrease and/or more film shots inside) in the near future!
Perfect for using it with a already modified camera!

One feature I hope they will add:
If I had one request for the FPU it would be this: Multi-exposures.
I love doing multi-exposures with my ImageElite Pro. Especially because you don’t need a (sometimes unreliable and/or uncomfortable) hack, you simply can select how many multi-exposures you want to do in the menu.
So for the FPU what would be great is a little multi-exposure switch on the side.

  • Turned ON: The film is exposed but no film is ejected.
  • Turned OFF: The film is exposed and the film is ejected.
This way you would have the ability to make as many multi-exposures as you would like!
Now you may be wondering how you could put that to creative use… good question!

This will be part of another blog post (wow, the cliffhanger was not really intended…)
See you soon!
(concept picture above taken from impossible)

Here a two behind the scenes pictures of the Porsche Holding shoot taken with my iPhone.

We had plenty of little cars (what a delight for the small boy inside of me! :) ), which obviously had to be the brands and latest models represented by the Porsche Holding. 

skoobe goes cinema!!

Almost a year after its first the release the commercial for skoobe - the first ebook flat rate - can be seen in a shortened version nationwide on the screens in cinemaxx movie theaters!

The app is a great success offering the most books available among the competition.

If you want the have a look you can test it for 2 weeks for free here.

You can find all skoobe related posts here

Project: Porsche Holding

Some of you might have noticed the sexy car shot on my front page a while ago, which I had to take offline later.

Here’s a little explanation:

In May + June this year I directed two mixed-media spots for Porsche Holding for their main convention in Salzburg this year. Produced by KG media factory, and with the multi-talented and great-to-work-with DP Florian Hassler (yes, we team up quite a lot), we shot two 90sec pieces covering Porsche Holding’s history as well as creatively visualizing their current challenges.

I’m not allowed to share any more details about the content (or the video itself), but it was a very interesting shooting process, producing a 3:1 aspect ratio video (let’s call it über-cinemascope) to be projected up on a gigantic 21m x 7m video wall.

For me it was also the first time shooting in a spacious studio in Munich, but with 15+ crew members, 6 cast members and 4 additional hand models it was rather a necessity than luxury.

I might be able to post some behind the scenes pictures later on.

So stay tuned! :)

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