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Here’s a little bit more info on Polaroid Cloud.


A quick look at the setup of the Polaroid Cloud clip.

All the wires are removed in post frame-by-frame.

On our Polaroid shelf sat another Polaroid Supercolor 1000, that had to go all nude for the “struck-by-lightning” effect. And it was also fun to see how this little picture machines are built.

Of course the whole setup is a very “quick and dirty” approach, since this was a quick project on the side. Usually you mount everything tightly so animation because not only more convenient, but also more controllable, which effects the quality of the end result tremendously. 

But hey, you know, this was just for fun! :)

Starlight memories

Hey guys,

I just published a spacey personal project!

Please see all the pictures here: Starlight memories

"Starlight memories" - some thoughts


I thought some of you might appreciate my thoughts behind my personal project “Starlight memories”.

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It took me quite a while, but finally I managed to do another short Polaroid animation! Make sure to also check out some more info about the setup and please feel free to share, like and ask questions!

It’s summertime, so: Fight the clouds!


Fighting clouds with Polaroid!

Another fun short animation featuring a classic Polaroid Supercolor 1000 Deluxe (not kidding, that’s the name!).

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Or check out another Polaroid video:

Great polaroid news!

The impossible project recently announced the development of three products

  • an instant lab
  • a pinhole camera
  • a viewfinder camera
All products will use the very same film processing unit (FPU) as a basis, I love modular systems (and of course immediately backed their kickstarter campaign!!

For me the greatest news is this:
As you might remember I wrote my post greener polaroid about my approach of modifying a camera to be powered by a rechargeable battery (rather than the batteries in the film pack).
With the FPU also being powered by an external battery, this means TIP (the impossible project) will be producing film packs with no battery (maybe with a price decrease and/or more film shots inside) in the near future!
Perfect for using it with a already modified camera!

One feature I hope they will add:
If I had one request for the FPU it would be this: Multi-exposures.
I love doing multi-exposures with my ImageElite Pro. Especially because you don’t need a (sometimes unreliable and/or uncomfortable) hack, you simply can select how many multi-exposures you want to do in the menu.
So for the FPU what would be great is a little multi-exposure switch on the side.

  • Turned ON: The film is exposed but no film is ejected.
  • Turned OFF: The film is exposed and the film is ejected.
This way you would have the ability to make as many multi-exposures as you would like!
Now you may be wondering how you could put that to creative use… good question!

This will be part of another blog post (wow, the cliffhanger was not really intended…)
See you soon!
(concept picture above taken from impossible)

For quite some time I had been thinking about this:

Polaroid cameras are awesome, but I already have a bag full of old batteries, most of them containing still so much voltage in order to fuel another 2-3 cartridges (depending on your camera). Yes, there is a battery return program by the impossible project (which I highly recommend supporting though there are currently no free return envelopes…) taking care and eventually reusing some of the returned batteries (great!). 

But I wanted to try a different approach. The idea is quite simple, but might also go against some part of the original polaroid concept.

Instead of having the battery coming with every cartridge of film (with the battery landing in trash rather sooner than later), why not power the camera externally with a standard rechargeable battery.

So this is what I did (and you can do this as well, if you are willing to take some irreversible modification to your camera):

  1. Drill two holes in the bottom of your camera, right at the point where usual the cartridge battery connects with the camera.
  2. Stick to cables through the holes (I used a piece of the audio cable from my stereo system).
  3. Connect the other ends to a rechargeable battery with the right voltage (mine is 6 V, 750 mAH, I used this

That’s it.

Costs of modification: About 15 Euro (for battery and charger)

Time of modification: less than 5 minutes.

Now here’s the catch:

For using the camera this way with a new cartridge you need a changing bag in order to remove the fresh battery from the cartridge. Then you are ready to go.

Taking this further, I can see some advantages and possibilities:

  • Less battery waste 
  • More efficient use of power.
  • Battery outlasts even the most energy hungry photo sessions (I’m thinking of using my Polaroid ImagePro with multiple exposures and flash on each exposure)
  • No battery in the cartridge means: More space for film!

What needs to be done now?

First of all, I’d like you to weigh in. What are your thoughts on that concept? Does it make sense to you? And if you are from impossible, I really would like to talk to you about this in-depth. Please use Twitter or mail.

Second, please share this idea with your polaroid friends on- and offline, so I can find out what others are thinking about it.

Last but not least: This is a prototype, meaning I’m testing the concept. In a next step some cool looking and efficient product design would need to happen ;)

Cast update.

Casting not closed yet.

Can you recommend any other fancy Polaroid camera model to star in my little project?

On my list are:

  • Impulse camera (I’ve seen a fancy yellow one on ebay)
  • Amigo 620
  • Polasonic AutoFocus 400 (already on its way!)

Watch the teaser here.

We are moving forward!

Yesterday I shot a little teaser for the project in my office, animated text slate and did some color grading. I definitely love those colors!

Today I recorded and mixed some sounds et viola, here we go, the first teaser! 

For shooting I used dragonframe, which has been a very useful tool for quite some projects.

Stay tuned, more to come soon! 

Yesterday I started working on a personal project evolving around my probably all-time favorite theme: Polaroid!

Content wise I can’t tell you more right now. It’s either too secret or still not yet ready…

But lots of colors, flashes, and quite some hand craft is involved. And stop motion, oh yes. ;-)

Stay tuned, this one should be fun.